Posted on April 19, 2014 in Anna Aspnes Designs, gallery

EBaranyi_AASPN_ArtPlayPaletteBelieve_image1 copy

One of my favourite photos from our honeymoon trip.

About the creating process:
1. Edited the photo with Russel Brown’s Adobe Watercolor Assistant script.
2. Started with a solid background, and duplicated the edited photo.
3. Set the blending mode of the first photo layer to Darken.
4. Duplicated the other photo layer and clipped all two layers to a triangle shape – then added realistic drop shadows to the saphes.
5. Embellished the page with lots of UrbanStitchez and ScriptTease elements.

ArtPlay Palette Believe
Melange LoopDaLoop No. 1
ScriptTease Gratitude No. 1
ScriptTease Travel No. 2
ScriptTease Travel Overlays No. 1
UrbanStitchez Hearts No. 1
UrbanStitchez Korners No. 1
UrbanStitchez Korners No. 2
UrbanStitchez No. 1

Thanks for looking!