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Posted on June 2, 2014 in Anna Aspnes Designs, gallery

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My page for the AnnaChallenge | Textures:
Come and join us! :)

About the creating process:
1. Started with the photo. Converted to B&W, used a Posterize filter on it, then edited with Russel Brown’s Watercolor Assistant script (PS6 and CC only).

2. Added an artsy paper as background.

3. Applied so many textures (some of them were duplicated 4-5 times).

4. Added some brushes (some of them were recolored, the color was picked from the background paper).

5. Added a VellumSheet to make softer the colors/contrasts.

6. Finally added some “3D” elements.


ArtPlay Palette Across The Miles
ArtPlay Palette Mint Blizzard
ArtPlay Palette Beautiful Day
ArtPlay Palette Vintage Rose
ArtsyBlendz Squash Elements
MagicSprinklez No. 9
ScriptTease Travel No. 2
SkinnyLined Overlays No. 3
Spackle Textured No. 3
Spackle Textured No. 1
Texture Melange No. 1
VellumSheets No. 1

Orchid Door
Pieces of Me V.

Thanks for looking!