Loose Yourself in a Book

Posted on August 12, 2014 in Anna Aspnes Designs, gallery

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My page for the AnnaChallenge – Coloring with Glows 08.11-08.25.2014

ABOUT THE CREATING PROCESS: started with a solid background — placed some transfers onto it and played with their ‘Blending Options…’ (Blend If: Gray, This Layer: 0, 188/255) — applied the CoffeeShop Aphrodite BW action onto the photo — placed the photo and played its ‘Blending Options…’ (in a similar way like previously) — placed the embellishments and the title (font: Wishes Script Pro) — finally placed some WarmGlows (with Color Dodge blending mode) beneath the photo and embellishment layers


ArtPlay Palette Knowledge
MultiMedia Read No. 1
Knowledge WordART No. 1
BookTextures No. 1
all from AnnaRelease 8 August 2014

also used:
WarmGlows No. 5
UrbanStitchez No. 1
UrbanStitchez No. 3
ScriptTease Travel No. 1
StraightLine Stitch Red No. 1

all from Anna Aspnes Designs @Oscraps

Thanks for looking!