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We do not see nature with our eyes, but with our understandings and our hearts. William Hazlitt

edited the photo with Postworkshop 3 — chose a solid background — placed the photo and played with its Blending Options… (Blend If: Gray; This Layer: 0, 185/255; Underlying Layer: 0/218, 255) — placed some WarmGlows to color the image (Overlay/Linear Burn blending mode) — placed some transfers (some of them had Color Overlay layer stlye (picking the colors from the photo) — placed the flower element with realistic drop shadow and played with its Blending Options… (Blend If: Gray, This Layer: 0, 81/255; Blend If: Blue, Underlying Layer: 0, 236/255) — finally placed the quote and some elements (stitch, paper clip, word strip)


ArtPlay Palette Revel
from AnnaRelease 15 August 2014

also used:
WarmGlows No. 1
WarmGlows No. 3
PinStriped Textures No. 1
ScripTease Celebrate No. 1
FlowerOverlays No. 2
Stitched by Anna Borders Black No. 1

all from Anna Aspnes Designs

photo: Hajnalka Csabai (Hanni)

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