100% boy

Posted on August 21, 2014 in Anna Aspnes Designs, gallery

EBaranyi_AASPN_Benedek copy

My beloved 8-year-old son wearing his father’s shoes and tie and my shirt.

started with an artsy paper — cut out my son from the original photo (using Topaz-ReMask trial version) and placed onto the page — added a new Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer and clipped it to the photo layer to convert it BW — added a DropShadow style to the photo, then created a new layer from the shadow and transform it to the wanted form — select the area of my son (Ctrl+click on the photo layer’s thumbnail) and made a Work Path from it — typed the text into the Path, then rasterized the layer and transform it to the same form as the shadow — placed a ScriptTease FotoBlendz with Divide Blending mode (it make white from the black), beneath the photo and shadow layers — finally placed the title and a JazzedUp LoopDaLoop element

ArtPlay Palette Easter Chicks
ScriptTease Fall FotoBlendz No. 1
JazzedUp LoopDaLoop No. 2

all from Anna Aspnes Designs

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