Beginning of a Good Day

Posted on August 31, 2014 in Anna Aspnes Designs, gallery

EBaranyi_AASPN_ArtsyPaint6_image1 copy

A photo I took at a beautiful morning while I’ve been going to work.

My page for the AnnaChallenge Stitch It!

started with a solid background — placed some ArtsyPaints on it, then created a new group from them — placed the photo, duplicated it, then clipped the bottom one to the group — applied a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to add more saturation to the photo (clipped to the group too) and then a Color Balance adjustment layer to fix the colors of the photo (clipped to the group) — to embellish the photo layer placed some ScriptTease ovelays (clipped to the group as well) and set their blending mode to Divide (the placement wasn’t the regular: instead of placing the center of the page, resized them, and moved them so, that the edges can be seen on the photo) — placed some ArtsyPaints again, and then created a new group from them, as well — placed the upper photo layer above the new group — choosed the photo layer and went to Filter / Filter Gallery… and applied two filter on it: at first a Glass filter (Distortion: 1; Smoothness: 5; Texture: Canvas; Scaling: 72%), then a Glowing Edges filter (Edge Width: 1; Edge Brightness: 20; Smoothness: 6) — after OK – staying on the photo layer – inverted it (Ctrl+I), then desaturated it (Ctrl+Shift+U), finally clipped to the second group — set the group layer mode to Color Burn — finally added some transfers and overlays, stitchez, embellishments (with realistic drop shadows)

created using:

ArtPlay Palette Vivacity
ScriptTease Celebrate Overlays
UrbanStitchez Banners No. 1
all from AnnaRelease 29 August 2014

also used:
ArtsyPaint No. 6
ArtPlay Palette Breathe
TissueTextures No. 5
UrbanThreadz No. 4
UrbanStitchez No. 8

all from Anna Aspnes Designs @Oscraps

Thanks for looking!